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Transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment


Breakfast menu (1) 09h00 @ R495

Seasonal Fruit, Muesli and Yoghurt Verrines topped with Natural Honey

Baskets of Muffins

Breakfast wrap, filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms

Napped with a tomato relish

Juice /Filter Coffee / Tea Selection

Champagne Breakfast (2) menu 10h15 @ R595

Seasonal Fruit, Muesli and Yoghurt Verrines topped with Natural Honey

Baskets of Muffins

Breakfast wrap, filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms

Napped with a tomato relish

2 glasses of Bubbly pp

LUNCH MENU – 2 course meal @R650 pp

Main Course


Grilled chicken breast stuffed with creamy feta & spinach, drizzled with basil cream sauce,

Served with potato wedges and seasonal grilled vegetables



Frozen Cheese cake

Snack @R495

Mini Burger

Mini Prego

Mediterranean beef kebabs

Chicken wings with a sweet chilli sauce

Plated Dinner (3 Course Meal)@R975 pp



Smoked salmon, tomato, avocado (seasonal),

capers drizzled with a dill crème fraîche,

Served with a homemade flatbread



Served with seasonal grilled vegetables and potato croquettes.



Frozen Cheese Cake


Beverages are excluded


How Does a Typical Event Work?

Guests will arrive half an hour before “take off” where they are served welcome drinks and are taken through the registration process. Guests are then taken individually to their seats where they are fastened in their seats by a three point safety belt. Once all the safety checks are complete starters are served and we “take off” for our first session in the sky, this lasts approximately half an hour and the table is then brought back to ground where guests are welcome to take a comfort break. Our Chefs and the main course are then loaded and we once again take off where guests will enjoy a further hour in the sky enjoying their main meal and watching our Chef prepare one of our mouth watering dessert for their consumption. After your exclusive Dinner in the Sky Experience we invite all guests to join us for Coffee/Tea, Belgian Chocolates and Cheese and Biscuits in our Marquee facilities on the ground.

Where can we host Dinner in the Sky?

It is possible to relocate the Crane and table if required for mobile use at an event but all relocation and setup costs to be incurred by client. Events and costs around events will be negotiated on an event by event basis. We can host this anywhere from busy Entertainment Destinations, along the Magnificent South African Coastline, Game Farms overlooking a water-host, a Golf Course or Sports Arena and even a Race Track or next to a Waterfall.

Is it only Dinner you cater for?

Sky Events is NOT restricted to only “Dinner” but can host the following events, as well as Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktails, Sun-Downers, etc:

Live Radio Broadcasts
Product Launches
Corporate Functions
Birthday or Engagement Parties
Business Meetings
Sports Events
Charity Events

Is it safe?

Ske Events is approved by German Safety Standards and is TUV certified. It also includes the following safety achievements:

Department of Labour certification/authorization.
Only Qualified Staff will be involved in the operation of each event/seating.
An Experienced Supervisor will take responsibility for each event/seating and be the final signatory before and after each event/seating on a details and thorough checklist.
A large ground clearance area, a minimum of 12m x 18m will be cordoned off and patrolled by experienced staff at all times during operation and is inaccessible to unauthorized parties at all times.
Nobody except staff will be allowed within this area unless supervised by an experienced and qualified staff member of Sky Events.
Guests will be escorted to an allocated seat by the Supervisor/Staff member and then secured by “4 point safety belts” the CANNOT be released by the guest or guest next to him/her. (It is NOT physically possible to reach the release while fastened into the seat).
A Supervisor will accompany all guests to a height decided on and will supervise safety during the “flight”.
The Supervisor will be in communication with the “ground crew” by means of two-way radio as well as hand signals if necessary.
Regulatory safety checks on welding joints and attachment points will be carried out by an independent party at regular intervals to ensure compliance.
All Crane equipment will be checked periodically by appropriate authorities.

Does Sky Events have the necessary Insurance?

Sky Events does have the necessary Insurance, Personal Liability and Third Party Cover in the unlikely event of an accident.

How do the toilet facilities work?

Its like in a normal restaurant: you ask where they are to the waiter and you go down. Its just a bit less discrete because the whole table goes down but it takes less than a minute. During meals we will come down between each course.


Event location 30 x 15 meters accessible for both crane and truck with trailer. We can set up almost anywhere, let your imagination be your guide. If you can’t find a good venue please contact us we can assist you in this.

What kind of food can be served on the table?

The are no fixed menus. Our clients have been serving from sushi to lobster, from tapas to gastronomic dinner…so it really depends on you.

How many people can sit around the table?

Dinner in the Sky can seat a maximum of 22 people per session.

How many session can you organise per day?

Depending on the activities you want to organise we think that 1 hour per session is ideal. But if it’s just a tasting or a cocktail, you can imagine half an hour sessions.

What is the minimum age to attend Dinner in the Sky?

Dinner in the sky is not age related but height related, we need to be able to secure your safety in your seat, minimum height is 150 cm.

What certifications are available for Dinner in the Sky?

The Dinner in the Sky is designed according to the DIN 4112 norm, all drawings, calculations and simulations are tested by TV Rheinland. The structure and all hoisting materials are tested every 3 months by BTV (Belgium Testing agency).


Catering is not usually included in the budget and will depend on your wishes: 1 VIP dinner or several half an hour tastings/cocktails sessions all depending on your unique needs.

Can we arrange catering?

Yes we can if you need any assistance we will be able to assist you with some high quality catering companies that we have built great relationships with.

How many chefs can cook inside the table?

There are room for 3 chefs in the middle of the table.

Can the caterer use open fire?

No this is not allowed due to fire & safety regulations. But it’s possible to have electricity on the table in order to use electrical devices. Gas-barbeque may also be used.

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